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Although I feel overwhelmingly busy and rarely give feedback especially unsolicited, I feel compelled to express my compliments to the Lofta Team.

I ordered the mini cpap for my husband as a gift because he is often traveling. I immediately received an email informing me I needed to send in copy of the physician prescription. I responded with some concern about getting the prescription and received an extremely helpful email and offer to speak with me if I had any further questions. I had ...

I've been using the AirMini the last few nights and it is AMAZING!

My wife and I are right in the middle of moving into an apartment in downtown Dallas. We are keeping our home in RSF and will be straddling TX and CA for the foreseeable future, which is why I hopped on the deal you offered for the ResMed 10 machine, which I shipped to Dallas yesterday. While whisper quiet, it does seem to make more hose-associa...

New CPAP machine arrived and it is awesome!

The new machine is awesome! I have also received more followup from your company in the last 5 days than I ever received from my pulmonologist in 10 years. That's pretty impressive. Incredible service, you saved my vacation! John