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Did you know CPAP therapy can improve your love life?

Valentine's Day 2019

When it comes to sleep apnea, bed partners are often the first to see the signs. Snoring doesn’t always mean sleep apnea, but - if you notice your partner snoring loudly, gasping for air, or snorting – they may be at risk. Other health and lifestyle factors can increase the likelihood of sleep apnea, which shouldn’t go untreated – both for your sake and your partner’s.  

"In a prospective trial of CPAP treatment versus conservative treatment (i.e., weight loss, sleeping posture, and avoidance of alcohol in the evening), 44 partners completed questionnaires about marital satisfaction before and 3 mo after treatment initiation. Partners of patients treated with CPAP had significantly greater improvements in marital satisfaction and less disagreements in the past week as compared to partners of patients treated conservatively."

- National Institute of Health (Read full study here.)



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